Portal 2 Docs

For Mikus's editor tool

This is the official site for my Portal 2 Editor.
It can let you edit .bik videos and edit the Extras menu.

Chapter 1: How to setup

To install the editor, you have to go to https://opensource.tk/portal2/editor/.
This app runs on Python, so if you are using the source code, you have to install python too. Paste your Portal 2 directory into a file called "directory" and save it as a .txt file. Once done, you are ready to proceed to Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: User Interface

This tool is command line based, so there isn't much of an user interface. It will however, need reading on how to use the tool.

Chapter 3: .bik files

For injecting custom videos into Portal 2, you have to download the RAD Video Tools bundle, which is hosted on here. You will also need to know the list of files, which are here. You'll be asked to replace a video, if you wish to replace a video, paste in the name of the video.
The editor will give you a warnign that you cannot get the file back anymore, as it will be replaced.
If you paste it in, put your own .bik file into the bik folder.
You are done! Enjoy your custom video! But wait, there's more!

Chapter 4: Editing Extra Menu

If you replaced a video into the Extras tab, you should edit the name of it. The way to do it is that when you start up the app, select the second option. It should have saved your Portal 2 dir from last time. Now, type the name of the file you replaced. You should get a range of options. Choose which option suits you, and you are done!